A Magical Children’s Book…

Nothing Makes You Smile Like A Purple Crocodile began its life with the hit song, Purple Crocodile which is included with this book.

It is a wonderful story about a little girl named Gabrielle who has to move to another state due to her parent’s company being relocated. Little Gabrielle is very distressed because she has to leave all of her friends whom she has known her whole entire life and she has to leave her school and start all over in a strange new school where she doesn’t know anybody. The good news is that Gabrielle now has a fenced in back yard for the first time in her life and to help cheer her up her parents tell her she can have any pet in the whole wide world that she wants!

Gabrielle eventually meets a magical creature, the Purple Crocodile and her life immediately changes! This is a fun book with a fabulous song that  takes the reader to a very magical place. This book is guaranteed to leave children smiling, dancing and feeling very positive about their future!

Sample the Purple Crocodile song here

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