About The Author

PurpleCroc2-(1)-45Jim Deakins has run very successful mortgage businesses for over 20 years but his true love has always been his guitar playing and songwriting.
In 2000, his daughter suffered a brutal case of domestic violence and Jim was lucky to be in a position to take his daughter and then 2 year old granddaughter in under his wing.

Jim became not only Gabrielle’s grandfather but the only father figure that she had. Jim spent many glorious years driving Gabrielle to all sorts of places and while in the car Gabrielle would love to play “I spy with my little eyes”. After a couple years of this game Jim became bored with it and made up a game that they played everyday called The Finger Game. Jim would reach back to the car seat and hold Gabrielle’s finger and give her two letters, the first being a color and the second being an animal, (i.e. B.D. = blue dog, R.C. = red cat etc). Gabrielle would not get her finger back until she solved the puzzle and then would hold Jim’s finger and give him 2 letters, Jim would not get his finger back until he solved the puzzle. Gabrielle soon became very good at this game and one day stumped her grandfather when she announced, P.C.! Jim remembers looking into the rear view mirror and seeing the excitement grow in Gabrielle’s face as he could not solve it and Gabrielle blurted out, Purple Crocodile! Thus the Purple Crocodile was born! Purple Crocodile became the go to word and password for everything! One day while waiting for mommy to pick up Gabrielle on her way home from work, Jim and Gabrielle wrote the song, Purple Crocodile which eventually led to Jim writing his first book, Nothing Makes You Smile Like a Purple Crocodile!


First and foremost, I want to thank my precious Granddaughter Gabrielle for her inspiration for this wonderful project. I would also like to thank my niece Meaghan Deakins Fuller for introducing me to the illustrator of the book, A. Len Bell, to Denise Mcdonald, the designer of this book and lastly, to Whitey Schmidt, The Crab Guru, who sadly passed away shortly before the release. None of this would be possible without Whitey, I miss you my friend!

Mr. Deakins plans to donate a large portion of the profits from this book
and many hours and years of his time to the St. Jude Children’s Hospital and
Children’s Hospital’s across the nation and the National Coalition Against
Domestic Violence and several other efforts to prevent violence against
women and efforts to benefit children whom are less fortunate.